Playing Cards Soothsayer Machine

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The Playing Card soothsayer, ensures, that only you will win, the casino game and not anyone else. The appliance scrutinizes the playing cards, kept at the table from top to bottom and will report the information to you instantly. The device notifies the details via headphones.
The headphone and Playing card soothsayer are interconnected and thus the transfer of information takes place within a second. The device has a built in lens, which does scanning .The machine can be concealed in the wrist watch, mobile phone, purse, bags, briefcase and other objects. The Playing Card Soothsayer in India is available online and offline at the spy stores.
Since the machine can be hidden within the objects, so no one will suspect on you and you can easily play and eventually win the game. The device is helpful in all gambling games. The accessories of this appliance are pair of wireless earplugs, a charger, cell phone batteries. The Playing cards Sothsayer in Delhi is available with the reputed dealers and the manufacturers at the best price.
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  • The machine can be used to play all the gambling games like Blackjack, Mau Mau, Omaha Poker, Bull, Texas Poker and etc.
  • The device is paired with the headphones or with Bluetooth earpiece , which cannot be seen.
  • The machine is compatible with all the mobile phones, watches an etc.
  • The player has to just insert the earpiece and set the machine so that he can get the desired information related to the cards instantly.
  • According to the customer needs, the lens can be placed in the lighter, purse,phone, watch, keychain and other objects.

Playing Cards Soothsayer Machine in Delhi

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